Most of these tips below are considered basic but often forgotten to use as well.

Use different means of publication


Do not just focus on one medium. If you can invest in mass media like television and radio then it is better. You have to schedule your ads from one media to another simultaneously.

Use direct mail



Digital media is the most booming marketing tool nowadays but make sure not to forget to use direct mail because it is still effective. It produces good results if you use the right message to the right audience.

Use Newsletter


Add a newsletter sign up portion on your website so that your customers can subscribe to your company updates and new product launches. Undoubtedly, the newsletter is a tool that reinforces the message you want to send to your customers.

Email Marketing


Remember to use the custom email because this gives you better results. Sending individual emails is also suggested because you can customize your message for each customer. Keep your email list updated and don’t forget to get feedback from each campaign you use.

Excellent customer service


This is the most important. You should communicate with your customers sincerely. When a customer has a problem then you have to solve it as quickly as possible. You need to focus on the customer’s solution to his problem.

Participate in charity works


You can make monetary donations or help other organizations for the needy. Always remember that the that the focus is not on your company but it is what you give that will make a difference. You can also participate in your community. By showing your sincerity in helping others builds a positive image of your company.

Maintain a blog


This is a way of connecting to your customers. You can write blogs that interest your targeted audience. You can have the interaction with your customer through responding to their comment, answering some of their questions, complaints or comments. It is simple, yet very powerful. Try it!

Go with the current social media trends


Create Twitter and Facebook page for your company. If you are new to this social media platform then, take the time to learn. Take advantage of the new opportunities offered by new technologies. Facebook is one of the most used and effective social media platforms today to market every business. It is very easy to use and you have a lot of options when you start to advertise your business online.